Training and raising awareness

New: the “Disability and accessibility" HANDISUP Certificate

Since the start of new term 2014, we have created the certificate “disability and accessibility”, 18 hours of training to learn how to welcome people regardless of their disabilities in a context of studies, work or leisure, to react in delicate situations related to disability, to adapt the environment to make it accessible to all.

The certificate is open to all those wishing to have concrete and practical knowledge about disability and accessibility (High school diploma level required). In order to obtain the certificate you must attend all courses (an attendance sheet is signed at each session) and you have to obtain at least 10/20 at the examination with situation scenario in June.  HERE you can download the program.


HANDISUP participates as well as organizes and leads several disability and accessibility awareness raising demonstrations with the aim of contributing to mentalities development gradually. During each of these interventions, HANDISUP attempts to present the law of February 11th, 2005, to define discrimination, to provide concrete examples, to remind the legislation and the defenses.

We have created educational films that we often use during these raising awareness actions: " We, the others ", " I want to be ", " hear each other ", " Success designers ", "How to adapt the environment", " The HANDISUP Meetings with Companies ", " On the side of Victor ", these are students' testimonial videos in companies and autistic students.

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