Alternation and summer jobs workshops

Companies and students meet freely, without any appointment

Companies and students meet freely, without any appointment

More and more students with disabilities choose the alternation or apprenticeship contract in «contrat de professionalisation » for their studies pursuit. Indeed, these 2 forms of the alternating contract are considered to be important assets for their entry into the workforce, to increase their skills and to improve their professional chances.

Summer employment is also an opportunity to gain first work experience and to better understand the world of work for students with disabilities.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 26 HANDISUP’s business partners and 57 students participated in the 2nd edition.

The companies submitted their disability policies and their needs in alternation and summer jobs. After this partners’ presentation, students were going to meet companies in interview and to propose their application freely.

Upstream of this forum, a professional coach prepared the students for interviews. With this preparation and the work of the Accompaniment Project Representatives, companies emphasized the candidates’ quality and their good preparation.

Here you will find the 2nd edition program.

On Tuesday April 14th 2015

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