Go to England with Laetitia!

Go to England with Laetitia!

Laetitia, a student at the IUT of the University of Rouen, conducted a 10-week internship at the University of Sheffield (Northern England) within a research laboratory.

This experience gave her the opportunity to improve her English and her professional knowledge.

Laetitia enjoyed her stay very much and her “internship went well", the laboratory people paid attention to her regarding her Deafness (ex: talk to her by looking at her). About accessibility for other disabilities, public transports are well served in the city. "Sidewalks are arranged, the lights are with sound for pedestrians. There are elevators in some stores" according to Laëtitia.

Laëtitia gives us some advice to stay in England: "make a roommate for the housing, do not hesitate to go to the people, prepare your stay."

"It’s a good experience, a discovery of people coming from different countries." “10-week internship is a short time to create links”' regrets Laetitia.

Discovering London

Discovering London

A first stay in England was held from 23 to 26th June, 2010. 2 students, accompanied by a Handisup permanent member met University’s staff from University College of London and from a company, Stylus (supplies wholesale business).

Two coordinators of the disability service, during an interview, explained their missions within the service for the disabled students and students with specific needs, as well as the role of this service and the definition of a disabled student in England.

 Stylus project manager spoke of the legislation for disabled workers in companies, internships; employment and new business start up.

Anne-Emilie, David and Lilian benefited from this trip to be aware of accessibility within London. They visited then two free museums, the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

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