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Go to New York with Victoria!

“I am a person with a driving disability, I suffer from an intellectual driving infirmity, and I use an electric armchair to move.

First of all, I want to thank the Crédit Agricole for having helped me fund my project as well as Handisup, who correctly identified my difficulties and who regularly takes my news.

I arrived in New York early September. My brother came to help me in my travels and in my search for housing. As we couldn’t find housing before my departure, we had to resign ourselves to stay in a youth hostel. The problem was to find an accessible Hostel in Manhattan (not too far from my internship). We aren’t allowed to stay more than 15 days in the same hostel and it takes ± $ 60 per night in a dorm. The budget was therefore quite important since it took me at least a month to find a room. I had to do much research and registrations in 2 real estate agencies. My room is located in a large house in Brooklyn and the rent is $ 1050. I didn’t have the choice. 1 agency = 1 address. Agency fee = $ 560!  I had a few problems to go up a stair to enter the house, which requires someone to help me. I therefore ask to passers-by in the street when someone passes! The owner is helpful. She suggested me to cook from time to time because she noticed the difficulties I encounter for cooking. (That I can't do at all anyway!). My relief to have found shelter makes me forget that it is a bit far from my internship’s location.”

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