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MDPH main tasks

The Law of February 11th, 2005 created a Local Governing Council for the Disabled (MDPH: Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées) for each region.

Lieu unique d'accueil, la Maison départementale des personnes handicapées " exerce une mission d'accueil, d'information, d'accompagnement et de conseil des personnes handicapées et de leur famille ainsi que de sensibilisation de tous les citoyens aux handicaps ".

The local governing council for the disabled is dedicated to welcoming, providing information, specific arrangements and advice for all citizens with disabilities and their families.

The governing council has 8 principle goals:

  • To inform and support the disabled citizen and their families from the onset and throughout their lives.
  • To set up and organise a multi-disciplinary team to evaluate the needs of the individual and offer a personalized compensation plan.
  • To insure the organisation of the Autonomy and Rights Committee for the Disabled (CDAPH) and the follow-up regarding decisions made as well as the management of their compensation.
  • To receive all applications concerning the rights and benefits of decided by the Autonomy and Rights Committee for the Disabled (CDAPH)
  • To organise a conciliation mission with qualified individuals.
  • To insure follow-up of the specific decisions made.
  • To organise coordination with a medical team and designate a counsellor to help with professional integration.
  • To set up an emergency telephone number and an over night medical team.


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The Autonomy and Rights Committees for the Disabled (CDAPH) were created with the Law of February 11th, 2005. They are the result of a merge between the Orientation Techniques and Professional Reclassification Committee (COTOREP) and the Special Education Committee (CDAPH).

Within the MDPH, the CDAPH deals with all decisions concerning various forms of aid and benefits. They are also responsible for, after evaluation, the compensation needs and creation of personalized compensation plans.

The CDAPH is responsible for:

  • Discuss the orientation of the disabled citizen and the measures taken to insure their educational, Professional and social integration, specifically the «priority card»
  • • Choosing establishments or services which correspond to the needs of the Child, adolescent concerning education, re-education and rehabilitation. Also, services dealing with the listing and welcoming of adults and disabilities.
  • • Providing the child or adolescent with the Education Benefits for Children with Disabilities (AEEH) and eventually with supplementary resources.
  • • Providing the disability card. (CIN)
  • • Providing the Benefits for Adults with Disabilities (AAH) and supplementary resources
  • • Providing compensation
  • • Acknowledge the disabled workers qualification (RQTH)
  • • Decide upon the accompaniment of seniors with disabilities (aged 60 and over) who reside in properties reserved to disabled citizens.

All decisions previously made by the CDES and the COTOREP remain valid until their anticipated date. If you have applied for compensation before the 1st of July 2006, it can be provided to you retrospectively, so long as you justify your expenses since the 1st of July 2006. 

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