Awareness actions

We make sensitive in disability the students and the professionals

HANDISUP participates, organizes and leads several raising awareness demonstrations to the handicap in order to develop the mentalities gradually.

HANDISUP organizes courses with white stick (blind person), in armchair as well as workshops to discover the “Braille” resting on volunteers trained in the handicap.

Movies realized by Handisup are medium too: “us, the others ",” I want to be ", "get on" "hear each other ", "Adapt the environment ".

HANDISUP organizes trainings in the field of the handicap.  Know more about it by clicking HERE.

Discovery workshops

Our video "Hear each other" to better understand hearing disability

Our video "I want to be": to fight prejudice!

Nous répondons à toutes les questions relatives aux études supérieures et à l'insertion professionnelle.
Je veux étudier comment faire ? J'envisage un métier, à qui en parler? Je dois faire un stage, où chercher ?